Boyle County’s Tanner Crawford has breakout game against Lexington Catholic

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Boyle County beat district rival Lexington Catholic Friday night 48-17. Tanner Crawford was a huge reason the Rebels won the game. He had a season-high 209 rushing yards in the game.

Tanner says of his play, “I knew coming into the game that it was going to be a hard game to play because one they are our rivals and a very good team. I just trusted in the O-lineman to make good plays for me. It didn’t matter how big they were I was going to hit them because if they’re going to block for me, I was going to make big plays for them.”

After working for weeks on blocking drills and getting past the defensive line things finally clicked for the junior running back who scored 4 of the Rebels five rushing touchdowns Friday night.

Tanner said, “I finally saw [the hole] for the first time Friday night, and then I just did when I practiced. Since already had 100 yards I knew my O-line was going to make the hole for me. Every time I spotted it, the gap was huge I feel like I could fit four of me.

Lexington Catholic is a team who’s brought Boyle County down plenty of times, but Tanner made his mind up it wouldn’t be easy to bring him down.

“Lexington Catholic they’re good in open field tackles, Tanner says of his foe. “I had to make sure not just one of them was going to take me down. I had my mind set that most of this team is going to have to bring me down or I’m going to score.”


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